How to Get the Best Springtime Growth for Your Plants

Spring has sprung, Plant Lovers! And, we’ll bet your plants are just as excited for the season change as you are. After a long winter, spring is the time when your plants begin to perk up and come alive. 
Just like outdoor plants, your indoor plant babies grow the most during the spring months. This may mean they need a little extra love to help them flourish to their full potential! 


Spring is the best time to repot your plant babies! Because they’re kicking their growth into overdrive, any plant babies that seem like they might be a bit too squished in their current planter means it’s time to give them a new home.

You should plan to repot your plant babies about every 18 to 24 months, depending on how big they’ve gotten. We recommend sizing up a 4” plant to a 6” planter, a 6” plant to an 8” planter and so on. Make sure you don’t go too big! Still not sure how or when to repot? Schedule a plant consultation (virtual or in-person with masks) with us and we’ll teach you everything you need to know!


Shower your plants with some extra love by putting them... in the shower! We know it sounds kinda crazy, but trust us—showering your plants is a great way to give them a pick me up for springtime. Simply place your plant babies in the shower and shower them with room temperature water for about 5 minutes, depending on the sizes of the plants and how many you have.

This will help to wash away any dust and dirt that may have accumulated on their leaves. It also helps to remove any pests. After you shower your plant babies, spray them with Kelly’s Neem Oil Spray to help prevent any future pests from bugging your plant babies.

Having clean, healthy leaves means your plants can photosynthesize better, which leads to—you guessed it—more happy, green, and growing plant babies!


Spring is the best time to get your plant babies in tip-top shape so they can thrive through the coming months. Spring is a great time to prune away any dead, brown, or drooping leaves to make way for new growth. It’s also a good time to trim some vines that may have gotten too long or call us for a consultation to help revive any plant babies that are looking a little rough after the winter months.


We’re sensing a trend here, but since spring is the #1 season for plant growth, it’s also the best time to propagate your plant babies! If you’ve been wanting to give propagation a try or if you’re a propagation pro, spring is the time to get propagating. Our handmade propagation stations make it easy to grow multiple cuttings or simply use any clear jar in your home.

Still unsure you’re ready for the propagation plunge? Check out our Instagram, @verdetribe, for Plant Care and Propagation demos, or schedule a consultation and we’ll show you everything you need to know!


Change is good. We know you may be used to your watering routine and the placement of your plant babies throughout your home, but make sure you reevaluate your light and water routine as we roll into the spring and summer months.

As our days get sunnier, our plant babies might need a bit more water. Instead of watering once every 2 weeks, you may need to start watering once a week. Just be sure to check the soil and make sure it’s dry to prevent overwatering.

The same goes for the sun. That plant sitting near a sunny window might be thriving in the winter, but as the sun gets more intense, it may be susceptible to leaf burn or too much heat.

Watch your plant babies to see if they start showing signs of too much or too little water or too much sun. If you notice wilting or browning leaves, it may be time to change things up!

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