Winter Tips for Plant Parents!

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter! While we’re all bundling up in jackets and getting cozy by the fireplace, our plants also need some extra TLC during the colder months. 

Let’s play a fun game of true or false, along with some cool tips to keep your plants happy all winter long! 

True or False: Plants Hibernate in the Winter

TRUE! During the winter, plants go dormant. Unlike during spring and summer when plants are growing like crazy, things slow down a bit in the winter. That means your plants need less food and less water. Try feeding your plants once a month instead of once every other week, and evaluate your watering schedule. Keep an eye on your plants to see what they need, and watch out for overwatering!

True or False: Don’t Repot During Winter

FALSE! A lot of people say not to add extra stress to your plants by repotting during winter, but it’s perfectly okay and actually healthy to report any time of year. If your plant babied have outgrown their current pot or are root bound, repotting is a must. Repotting also helps keep pests away and helps prepare your plants for the growing season come spring. 

True or False: Leaves Dropping is Always Bad

FALSE! When leaves drop, it can be a sign of distress, under or over watering, or other problems, but during the winter months, it can be totally normal. Just like outdoor plants, our indoor babies may shed a few leaves when the temperature drops. It’s totally normal, so don’t panic! As always, keep an eye on your plants to see if they get worse, and feel free to call us to schedule a consultation to help with any plant problems. 


True or False: Plants Like to Cuddle

TRUE! Huddling plants together can help keep them warmer. Moving them away from the windows can also help to keep them from catching a chill. Don’t be afraid to move your plant babies around and give them some cuddle buddies during the winter time. 

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