Cat Palm

Cat Palm

Verde Tribe
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Transport yourself to the tropics with this majestic beauty! The Cat Palm is the perfect addition to your urban jungle, plus this baby is pet-friendly.

Plant Care
Light: Bright indirect light to medium light, but no direct sun.
Water: Stick your finger about an inch or two into the soil, if the soil feels dry--it’s time to water. If the soil feels wet, don’t water. Keep the soil moist, but not wet, as it is prone to rot.

Nursery Planter Size
XLarge: 10” W x 10” H plastic nursery planter (46"-50" tall). Not available for shipping. Only pickup.

Plant Info
Binomial name: Chamaedorea cataractarum
Type: Palm or Cycad 
Family: Arecaceae 
Origin: Mexico
Maintenance: Low 
Natural Air Purifier: Yes 
Helps you sleep at night: Yes 
Pet-friendly: Yes