Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Verde Tribe
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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!
Change things up this year and get a beautiful, sustainable alternative to your typical Christmas tree.
The Norfolk Pine is the cutest little tropical pine tree that will last all year long, plus we’ll give you a FREE box of 16 mini ornaments to get this guy looking festive for the holidays!

Plant Care
Light: Bright indirect light
Water: Stick your finger about an inch or two into the soil, if the soil feels dry--it’s time to water. If the soil feels wet, don’t water.

Planter size
Medium: 6” W x 6” H plastic nursery planter

Plant Info
Binomial name: Araucaria heterophylla
Type: Needled evergreen
Family: Araucariaceae
Origin: Norfolk Island
Maintenance: Low
Natural Air Purifier: Yes
Pet-friendly: No