About Verde Tribe

Veronica Leon from Verde Tribe is a Plant Consultant and Plant Stylist in Charlotte, NC

Veronica is the mastermind behind Verde Tribe. A native of Quito, Ecuador that made Charlotte her home in 2001. Her love for houseplants started thanks to her grandma, Carli. She remembers abuelita Carli talking to her houseplants while she removed dead leaves and watered them.

Veronica's passion for houseplants began when she moved to Spain in 2017 for a year, to get her Masters in Marketing. She found herself adding indoor plants to her new space because they helped her feel like she had a little piece of home with her. 

Veronica moved back to Charlotte in 2018 and she didn't want to return to the corporate world. She always dreamed of having her own business and being able to give back to her community. She thought about all the things that brought her joy and houseplants were one of them!

She did a lot of research and found that indoor plants had excellent benefits like purifying the air, lowering stress levels, improving productivity, and make our body and mind feel happier and healthier. She wanted to help people bring greenery into their homes, and in February, 2019 Verde Tribe was born.

Veronica started learning everything about different plants and their care. Plus, her abuelita Carli shared all her tips and tricks. With trial and error, Veronica became a houseplant expert, and a plant mom of 100+ houseplants.

She can help new plant parents and plant beginners develop their green thumb. She can suggest which plants will do well in your space with her Plant Styling services. Also, she can diagnose any plant problem and provide you with the perfect solutions to get your plant babies thriving with her Plant House Calls or Virtual Consultations!