Interior Plant Services

At Verde Tribe, we love all things green. That’s why we’re committed to bringing touches of green and moments of joy into your heart, home and business.

Our unique expertise and knowledge of various types of indoor plants, ideal lighting, watering schedules, and more, allow us to find the right solution for your plants. Plus, we'll give you tips that make it easy for you to keep them green and growing.

Veronica Leon from Verde Tribe gets inspiration from Jungalow book Decorate wild


Looking to style your home or business with the perfect indoor plants, and you don't know where to start? 

We got you covered! Plant styling services include a visit to your space, and a custom design proposal. Plants and planters are sourced upon approval, and potted if requested. During delivery day, we stage your new plants and we provide detailed plant care instructions. Plus, we provide a 15-Day Plant Guarantee.  

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Veronica Leon from Verde Tribe caring for a Monstera Deliciosa at a Plant House Call


Have your plant babies seen better days? We are here to help take them from wilting to wonderful!
Whether it’s too much water, not enough light, or plants that just need some TLC, we’ll come to your home to help diagnose the problem and have your houseplants back to growing green and gorgeous. Plus, we also offer repotting services.

*There might be a traveling fee if you are located outside our Charlotte service area. You'll be notified about this before the day of your consultation.

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Veronica Leon, Plant Stylist from Verde tribe on a Plant Care Virtual Call helping a client


Do your plant babies have droopy leaves? Struggling with a black thumb? Or maybe you simply want to learn more about how to keep your plant babies thriving?
Schedule a Virtual Consultation with us and in just 30 minutes, we’ll help diagnose any and all of your plant problems! We’ll give you professional advice about how to care for your current plant babies, and can even suggest new ones that would be great additions to your plant family.
We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to be a top-notch plant parent! Sessions will be done via Zoom. 

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Need a plant service you don’t see featured here? Fill out the form below with all your plant-related needs, and we’ll see how we can best accommodate you!