Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

Verde Tribe
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Are you naughty or nice? The Crown of Thorns plant is a little bit of both! With a beautiful crown of flowers at the top and a prickly stem, this beauty has just the right amount of sass.

Plant Care
Light: Requires at least 4 hours of bright, direct light each day.
Water: Completely soak the soil and then let it dry out completely before you water again. Stick your finger about an inch or two into the soil, if the soil feels dry--it’s time to water. If the soil feels wet, don’t water. Check every 2 to 3 weeks.

Planter Size
Small: 4” W x 4” H plastic nursery planter

Plant Info
Binomial Name: Euphorbia milii
Type: Broadleaf evergreen
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Origin: Madagascar
Bloom Time: Seasonal bloomer
Bloom Description: Green subtended by hot pink or yellow bracts
Maintenance: Low
Natural Air Purifier: Yes
Pet-friendly: No

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